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The Kubernetes Book: Bang up to date!

I’ve just updated The Kubernetes Book to the latest versions of Kubernetes and the latest trends in cloud computing. Every page, and every example has been updated so you get the best value for your money!

The book is short and straight to the point. At 130 pages, you can be up-to-speed with the fundamentals in one or two days!

It covers MastersNodesPodsDeploymentsServices, and more. And all editions are full-color with helpful diagrams.

Where to get it

You can buy paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon. You can also buy other eBook options from Leanpub.

All electronic editions get free updates, and I promise to update the book at least once a year.

I’ve also got a Kubernetes Deep Dive video course on A Cloud Guru.

A word on typos…

Nobody hates typos more than me! I work extremely hard making this book amazing, and I feel sick when I see a typo. However, keeping a book like this up-to-date is more important than an occasional typo. For example, if I had to choose between a 1-year-old Kubernetes book with no typos, or an up-to-date Kubernetes book with a few typos, I’d choose the latter!

Here’s my process for avoiding typos.

I write the book in markdown. I read through the manuscript many times (but as I’ve written it it’s hard not to skim-read). I use the markdown editor to do a spell-check. I copy the content into MS Word and do another spell-check (this is a long and painful process, as Word thinks almost every piece of kubectl code is a typo – this bit takes ages). I create an EPUB file for Kindle and a PDF for paperback. I have to make a few changes to the PDF so the paperback edition looks good. I upload the EPUB and PDF files to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform where they both get another spell-check. I make any important fixes and publish both editions. I order myself a copy of the paperback (I have to pay for this just like you) and read it from cover-to-cover. I also enlist my wife to read it. We both highlight any other typos and missed words etc. I update all 3 manuscripts (Leanpub, Kindle, and paperback) and re-publish them all.

Despite all of this… typos and errors persist. However, at this point I’m confident that it’s a great book!

I do not check blog posts for typos 🙂 

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