Kubernetes. Docker. Wasm

A Typical Agenda

  • Intros and shout-outs
  • Quiz round 1: Approx 10 fun questions about Kubernetes and cloud native.
  • Quiz round 2: Guess the logo round. Approx 10 cloud native logos.
  • Quiz Round 3: Another 10 cloud native questions.
  • Winners and prizes: Winers podium and hand out prizes
  • Last orders: Banter

A great way for your company to hang-out in a relaxed atmosphere and learn. Can be in-person or a virtual event.

Nigel hosts a Kahoot’s style trivia (either play along individually or in teams – that’s your choice!) where you can test your knowledge – and who knows you might just learn something new – all whilst having a few laughs along the way.

How the Quiz Started and Where It's Going

The Kubernetes Pub Quiz started out as a cool and easy way for the tech community to hang-out in a “no pressure” environment for the purpose of learning about Kubernetes in a fun way. It became an instant success that started to grow with rapid popularity.

It was such a hit that this simple virtual hang-out quickly developed into companies asking Nigel to host either in-house or virtual trivia quizzes for team building events or as part of their annual events. It’s also progressed to be a popular way to draw crowds to your vendor booth at conferences.

Popular With Drawing Crowds to Vendor Booths


Nigel wrote a blog detailing the quiz, so if you want any more info on how his Kubernetes trivia works, have a read – here!

Word on the cloud: What's going on in cloud native

Nigel’s Keeping you up-to-date on cloud native. Short & sharp! #Docker #Kubernetes #WebAssembly #Wasm


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