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In demand with companies & Perfect for drawing a crowd at your vendor booth

Nigel's Kubernetes Pub Quiz...

… is a great way for your company to hang-out together in a relaxed atmosphere and learn about Kubernetes via this fun team building activity.

It’s also a great way to attract people to your vendor booth at conferences.

Nigel hosts a Kahoot’s style Kubernetes quiz (either play along individually or in teams – that’s your choice!) where you can test your knowledge – and who knows you might just learn something new – all whilst having a few laughs along the way.

This is a great opportunity for you to pick a topical containers subject of interest (chosen in advance) for your team to learn. 

A typical agenda can look like this

  • Intros and shout-outs
  • Quiz round 1: ~10 or so fun Kubernetes questions
  • Topic discussion: Let’s chat on a topic like service mesh, serverless, etc.
  • Quiz round 2: ~10 or so more questions (usually the picture round)
  • Free chat: More talking with either Nigel in what could be an intimate and spontaneous Q&A
  • Quiz Round 3: ~ 10 or so miscellaneous Kubernetes questions
  • Last orders: Banter

How the Pub Quiz started and where it's heading

The Kubernetes Pub Quiz started out as a cool and easy way for the tech community to hang-out in a “no pressure” environment for the purpose of learning about Kubernetes in a fun way. We weren’t sure how the term “pub quiz” would translate or how well it would be understood around the world, but it became an instant success that started to grow with rapid popularity as people just loved this unique way of learning. 

It was such a hit that this simple virtual hang-out quickly developed into companies asking Nigel to host either in-house or virtual pub quizzes for team building events or as part of their annual events. It’s also progressed to be a popular way to draw crowds to your vendor booth at conferences.

With all of the laughs that easily come from these relaxed conditions, people love this chilled chance to learn about Kubernetes whilst having fun.

Nigel's Quiz draws a crowd at your conference vendor booth

Lee Calcote was a recent popular guest

Technologist | Entrepreneur | Advisor | Author

Lee Calcote is an innovative product and technology leader, passionate about empowering engineers and enabling organizations. As Founder and CEO of Layer5, he is at the forefront of the cloud native movement. Open source, advanced and emerging technologies have been a consistent focus through Calcote’s time at SolarWinds, Seagate, Cisco and Schneider Electric. An advisor, author, and speaker, Calcote is active in the community as a Docker Captain, Cloud Native Ambassador and GSoC, GSoD, and CommunityBridge Mentor.

Recent activity

We’ve also had fun getting your help through hearing all of your suggestions, whilst having some debates, to what should and shouldn’t go onto Nigel’s Cloud-native monopoly board. 

Monopoly board


Nigel wrote a blog detailing these monthly events, so if you want any more info on how his Kubernetes pub quiz, with guest, will go then have a read – here!

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