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If you need to get your staff and teams up-to-speed with containers and Kubernetes, Nigel’s live sessions (Zoom etc.) and in-person sessions are exactly what you need! Suitable from as little as 5 people all the way up to over 500 people.

The best Kubernetes, Docker & Wasm Training


In-person Training

Labs, demos, theory, Q&As, and much more.



Virtual Training

Live-streams, webinars and zoom have become the 'new normal' for training large diverse teams.






Speaking Engagements

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Getting Started with Kubernetes

For Companies

Get a Taste of Nigel's Virtual Training

Check out this 2 minute video and get a taste of what Nigel’s virtual training can look like for you and your team. 

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Conference Workshops

Hire Nigel to help fill your room, promote your product and deliver training on your behalf. Nigel delivers workshops for companies from a “Getting Started with Kubernetes” to a CKAD Exam Cram.

Conference Booth Stuff

Or if you’re looking for help to raise awareness of your conference vendor booth, Nigel has a bunch of stuff that will help. From books signings, fun trivia, lightning talks and Q&As. 


Word on the cloud: What's going on in cloud native

Nigel’s Keeping you up-to-date on cloud native. Short & sharp! #Docker #Kubernetes #WebAssembly #Wasm

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