Marcus Riquetto

 "Thank you so much @nigelpoulton for your course "Getting started with Kubernetes". I'm excited to learn more about Kubernetes, Docker etc. Congrats! I've been doing a lot of other courses, but yours is the better!!!" 

Rohit Kumar

 "If you don't know yet, let me tell you, you're an absolute gem of a teacher. It's 4AM and I'm watching your course on Docker and K8s. It motivates me and I love it. You bring magic." 

Lalit Bhatia

 "Hey Nigel, I'm not into video courses but loved your container courses. I am really impressed with your energy and enthusiasm, informal and light language, quality content and length of videos. I watched your courses for 7-8 hours and never felt tired." 

Neal Klein

 "I’m not going to get all misty with you, but you explain things really well, and your voice is … well … REALLY easy on the ears. Helps the information sink in...

Please record more training videos. You’re totally solid."


 "Its such a pleasure to have trainer like you…I just completed your Docker Deep Dive course, and as always,..The teaching style, technique, etc. all are flawless.

I would strongly recommend anyone and everyone who wish to get going with Linux, Docker, Container, Storage and System … please follow each and every course of yours….

 your efforts to build such super awesome and sophisticated courses."

Vince Aceto

 "I just wanted to express my love for your Pluralsight courses. Your style and enthusiasm for the content is awesome. I wish all Pluralsight courses were authored by you hahaha. Cheers man."


Kubernetes - Love it. Learn it. Live it.

Nigel's individual and distinctive training style comes from his passion, enthusiasm and love for technology. You can watch Nigel's video training courses for hours and never become bored. His energetic and fun approach is unique amongst tech trainers. 

Nigel is 100% committed to never releasing any content, with his name linked to it, unless he's certain you'll love it and absolutely benefit from it. So no matter which of his video training courses you take, you won't be disappointed. 

So... whether you're a beginner, a pro, preparing for an exam, you want or need to learn more about Kubernetes, or you simply love Kubernetes, then take a look at Nigel's Kubernetes video courses.