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Word on the Cloud: Keeping you up-to-date on cloud native. Short & sharp!

Author: Nigel Poulton

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runwasi logo in the sunshine
Nigel Poulton

What is runwasi

WebAssembly is powering the next wave of cloud computing, and thanks to runwasi, WebAssembly is coming to Kubernetes!

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K8s pub quiz
Nigel Poulton

NEW: Monthly Kubernetes Pub Quiz

Pub quizzes are something we do in the UK. You go to your local pub and meet-up with friends. While you’re there, a quiz master hosts a live quiz and everyone has fun. That’s it. So, I’m doing the same thing for the Kubernetes and cloud native community.

Here’s the detail.

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Quick Start Kubernetes by Nigel Poulton- 2023 Edition
Nigel Poulton

New book: Quick Start Kubernetes

I’m really excited to announce my brand-new Quick Start Kubernetes book. If you’re an existing IT pro, a developer, or manager that wants to figure out what

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Word on the cloud: What's going on in cloud native

Nigel’s Keeping you up-to-date on cloud native. Short & sharp! #Docker #Kubernetes #WebAssembly #Wasm


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