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Whether you’re a beginner or taking further steps, Nigel’s “Pure Weapons Grade Kubernetes training” will be perfect for you. 

"Mind-blowing training"

Nigel prides himself in adding value to the tech community, teaching Kubernetes and Docker, but be aware he’s not your ordinary or standard trainer. Nigel breaks the mold with his authentic, raw, fun and clear style to get inside your head, inspiring you to get going. Nigel’s mind-blowing K8s training is aimed at both beginners and those taking further steps so you become accomplished and get the experience and confidence you need.  

Watch to see how Nigel can help you as an individual, or a company up-skill with containers for the best K8s and Docker learning experience.

Virtual live Training event/package for you

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at 3:00pm ET (USA)


Learn Kubernetes and Docker

“I’m 100% committed to never releasing any content unless I’m absolutely certain you’ll love it, apply it, and absolutely benefit from it.” – Nigel 

Making Kubernetes and Docker less scary with...

New from Nigel

Book: Quick Start Kubernetes, out now...

Nigel’s just released his brand new book, Quick Start Kubernetes, the perfect book if you want to get their head around Kubernetes – Fast!

This book explains everything you need to get up and running with Kubernetes. Aimed at anyone who needs to get started now, or anyone who could do with a refresher.

Get it in paperback, on e-book, or kindle

Virtual Training - for Companies

With the effects of Covid-19, companies are finding new ways to train their teams. Virtual online training is now the number one way to learn and up-skill your department. Nigel has a ton of Kubernetes and Docker training online opportunities to help your company get a jump start. 

Whether you have an annual conference, it’s your convention, a Kick-off event, need a Keynote or any other form of training or event, Nigel has your back. Check out this 2 minute video to see more.

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Online Kubernetes training course. Helping you to learn, understand and apply Kubernetes in your day to day life.

Nigel's learning Roadmap

7 Steps to learn Kubernetes and Docker

Nigel suggests 7 steps to help you on your journey to learn Kubernetes. The same approach applies if you want to be a Docker expert.

To help you find learning content (video courses, books etc.), we’ve added links, with options for what Nigel offers to help you get started.

Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4
Step #5
Step #6
Step #7

Check out Nigel's Video Courses

Nigel has over 20 hours of Kubernetes and Docker courses dedicated for you. Learn Kubernetes from scratch or get yourself a Docker crash course. 

“You are a legend. I get goosebumps listening to your lessons and man I tell you, I enjoy learning from you! A+ – Thomas Gooding


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