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"Untangling the Cloud"

Video Courses

Learn at your own pace and master cloud-native technologies with Nigel’s video courses. Packed with hands-on training and an infectious energy, his courses have become a favourite within the container community.


2023 editions on books now available
Nigel’s best-selling books are comprehensive step-by-step guides to mastering Docker and Kubernetes. Whether you’re new to cloud-native or a seasoned pro, Nigel has a book for you.

Training & Events

Nigel is a world-authority on cloud computing and has helped many individuals and organisations adopt Docker and Kubernetes through his keynotes, workshops, and company training.

He’s quick to inspire and invigorate a crowd and offers in-person and virtual training suitable for anywhere between 5-500 people.

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Top 10

Nigel is humbled to be recognized as a top 10 Pluralsight author for his legendary video courses.

Best Selling Author

With 4 popular books. You'll love Nigel's fun and award winning books.

Docker Captain

Nigel is humbled and grateful to have been a Docker Captain since 2015.

#1 Docker Book

Nigel's Docker Deep Dive book was recognised as the "Best Docker book of all time" by Book Authority (as seen on CNN and Forbes).

Word on the Cloud: Keeping you up-to-date on cloud native. Short & sharp!

Word on the cloud: What's going on in cloud native

Nigel’s Keeping you up-to-date on cloud native. Short & sharp! #Docker #Kubernetes #WebAssembly #Wasm

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