Nigel's Kubernetes & Docker video training courses are known all over the world for putting the fun and excitement into learning. Whatever your level of expertise, he's got a course for you. 



Nigel's Global Workshops might be the best workshops you ever attend! 

His passion for the tech, and his determination to teach everything clearly are what make them great learning experiences.



Nigel's Docker Deep Dive book is rated by BookAuthority as the best ever book written on Docker. He is also the author of The Kubernetes Book - which he constantly keeps up-to-date!  



Listen to Nigel's latest webinar Why Kubernetes? and get clear on...

The history of K8s and the early days of cloud.

The impact of K8s in both your career and organization - and the risks of not having it. 

Strategies for getting started/upskilling with K8s 



Want to learn about Kubernetes and keep up-to-date with things going on in the cloud-native world while you're on the move...? Then check out our audio podcasts.



Get your weekly Kubernetes fix by watching Nigel's short-sharp #KubernetesMoment videos. They include tips, help with common challenges, and much more. 

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