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“I’m 100% committed to never releasing any content unless I’m absolutely certain you’ll love it, apply it, and absolutely benefit from it.” – Nigel 

Nigel's making Kubernetes and Docker less scary with...


Each year nigel updates his books to keep them the most up-to-date books out there. In his April 2021 edition added some new content. 

Just released. Nigel takes an object lesson to the next level when he shows you container internals in less than 60 seconds.  

30th June, grab the opportunity to learn Kubernetes with Nigel in his live virtual event and get a few extras. Aimed at beginners.

Next Kubernetes quiz is 16th June. Join the global tech community and hang-out with Nigel for tech chat and his monthly K8s quiz on zoom.


Nigel’s Docker Deep Dive was rated in 2020 as the #1 best ever book written on Docker as rated by BookAuthority. 

Virtual live-stream/webinars have become the new norm for having your company or team trained. See how Nigel can help your business.

In just under 100 pages Nigel’s latest book helps you get up and running with Kubernetes – Fast!

Kubernetes This Month is the show Nigel and A Cloud Guru bring you each month giving you all of the K8s news from the month. 

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“You are a legend. I get goosebumps listening to your lessons and man I tell you, I enjoy learning from you! A+ – Thomas Gooding

Nigel's learning Roadmap

7 Steps to learn Kubernetes and Docker

Nigel suggests 7 steps to help you on your journey to learn Kubernetes. The same approach applies if you want to be a Docker expert.

To help you find learning content (video courses, books etc.), we’ve added links, with options for what Nigel offers to help you get started.

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