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Video Courses

Nigel is a Kubernetes and Docker video course trainer extraordinaire and has over 20 hours of Kubernetes and Docker courses that will help you learn, understand and apply these Cloud-native technologies in life and the workplace.

No matter what level you’re at, get a course and learn at your own speed.

“Nigel, I’m not into video courses but loved your Container courses… I’m really impressed with your energy and enthusiasm, informal and light language, quality content, length of videos and balanced theory-demo approach.” – Lalit Bhatia 

Tech Books

If tech books are your thing, Nigel has you covered.

Docker Deep Dive is an absolute masterpiece and has been rated by BookAuthority (as seen on Forbes and CNN) as the #1 book ever written on Docker. “The best Docker book out there.”

The Kubernetes Book is a long time best seller, that is kept up-to-date for all the latest cloud-native technologies, making it the most up-to-date Kubernetes book out there. 

Quick Start Kubernetes is Nigel’s latest book and brand new as of 2021. This book is perfect for those who know nothing, or very little about Kubernetes and gets you started – fast!

The KCNA Book is Nigel’s latest book written to help anyone preparing for and wanting to smash the KCNA exam. 


What do you prefer Virtual training or Face 2 Face? Podcasts or YouTube events? …Or do you love them all? We’ve got plenty for you.




To help the tech community, Nigel’s YouTube channel gives you tips, news, advice, interviews, Cloud-native topics simplified and more geeky stuff.

Social Media

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Tech Blog

Nigel loves to keep in touch with you, and he loves to get your feedback. One of the ways he does this is via his blog. In his blog, Nigel connects with the tech world discussing things like “is Kubernetes ready to take over the enterprise?”, “Swarm vs Kubernetes”, “what is a Kubernetes cluster?”, “container registries” and much more.

Reading Nigel’s blog is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with all things Kubernetes. Empower your education and get ahead of the game by reading Nigel’s thoughts experiences, knowledge and advice.

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Nigel's learning Roadmap

7 Steps to learn Kubernetes and Docker

Nigel suggests 7 steps to help you on your journey to learn Kubernetes. The same approach applies if you want to be a Docker expert.

To help you find learning content (video courses, books etc.), we’ve added links, with options for what Nigel offers to help you get started.

Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4
Step #5
Step #6
Step #7

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