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…Kubernetes and Docker

Video courses are a popular and fun way to learn and gain the self-assurance you need in your work or to further your career, and Nigel’s approach to coaching is loved by those who take his courses. You can watch his Kubernetes tutorials for hours and never become bored”, whilst learning at your own pace.

Nigel has many popular video courses that help you learn Kubernetes and Docker with Pluralsight, ACloud Guru, Udemy and other platforms. Stacked with theory, examples and hands-on opportunities to give you both the knowledge and experience to take your next steps.

“Dude, you do a great job and have found your calling. Yours are the best courses I have ever had and I have had a lot of training.” – Scott Doss

Nigel is one of Pluralsight's top 10 authors

Nigel remains a top 10 video author at Pluralsight. This is a huge achievement and not an easy attainment to reach. This is humbling for Nigel as he knows that his video courses are reaching more and more people each year, which is helping you on your journey to learn and apply Kubernetes and Docker in your life. 

Beginner level

Kubernetes and Docker courses for you…


Kubernetes 101

Kubernetes 101 is the ideal video course to get you started, or help you brush up learning the basics of Kubernetes. So if you want to master the fundamentals then look no further, grab this Kubernetes crash course and learn both the theory and get your hands-on.


Getting started with Kubernetes

UPDATED JULY 2020: If you’re looking to take your first steps with Kubernetes – installing it, and deploying & managing your first application on it – Getting Started with Kubernetes is the course for you and will get you up and running as fast as possible!


Docker & Kubernetes: Big Picture

Not sure what Docker and Kubernetes really are? Perhaps you’ve heard of them, but that’s about all you know… If that sounds like you, Docker and Kubernetes: The Big Picture, is the beginners tutorial for you. Get confident with terminology and basics of infrastructure. 

Up-skill further, take your next steps

Kubernetes and Docker courses for you…

Up-skill further

Kubernetes Deep Dive

Kubernetes Deep Dive is the ultimate one-stop Kubernetes video training course. You’ll learn everything you need to start deploying and managing cloud-native applications in the real world. The perfect Kubernetes training course. 

Up-skill further

Docker Deep Dive

Docker Deep Dive teaches you everything you need to know to move fast in the world of Docker and containers. It also provides a solid foundation for learning Kubernetes, and taking the Docker Certified Associate exam.

Up-skill further

Kubernetes for Developers

Released April 2020. Learn how to deploy applications to K8s in production, how to integrate external storage volumes, leverage powerful multi-container Pod patterns & secure application access to Kubernetes API.

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Nigel and Pluralsight

Nigel has partnered with Pluralsight for over 5 years and he’s one of the popular go-to trainers with masses of video courses to choose from.

So if you do have a Pluralsight subscription – search out the course for you. If you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription – you should get one now!

Grab a course. Learn, develop and show off your skills to those around you.


To help you learn Kubernetes online, Nigel has two YouTube shows: Kubernetes This Month & #KubernetesMoment

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