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Nigel supports a number of charities. See where you can help.

We all should give back in anyway that we can

 The two things Nigel is most passionate about are; his family and technology. This is reflected in causes and projects that he supports…  

Malala Fund

It’s no secret that Nigel is passionate about education. As a father of three daughters, he appreciates the privilege of living in a part of the world that values education of girls.

We’re proud to support the Malala Fund in its mission to create a world where girls can learn and lead. 

OpenFaas open-source Project

Open-source is changing the world. But running an open-source project is hard work! This is why we’re supporting Alex Ellis in his work with OpenFaaS and other projects.

OpenFaaS is a project with close links to Docker and Kubernetes, so we’re happy to be able to help.


Nigel often gives of his time to help out in his local community, especially lending a helping hand in soup kitchens to feed the hungry, including on Christmas Day with his family, and helping the homeless to find places of shelter to sleep.

He’s also given of his time on weekend nights to help support the local enforcement officers to keep the streets clean and safe. 

Women's football

Nigel has three daughters and is passionate about girls football (soccer). His middle daughter plays for three local teams, and Nigel gives his time and talents coaching two local teams.

As a business, we provide financial support to Macclesfield Ladies Football Club – this season we’ve provided kits for all age-groups (under-9 all the way through to over-18) 


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