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Video Courses

Nigel's video courses are entertaining, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and always educational!


Nigel's best-selling books are packed with great content and always up-to-date.


Nigel's action-packed virtual and in-person training is ideal for getting your teams up-to-speed.


Nigel's blog is packed with important industry updates and changes, as well as great technical content.

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Goal & Mission

Nigel’s a technology geek with a passion for helping people learn new technologies, making it fun and easy. He’s written several best-selling books, he’s known as a video trainer extraordinaire, and he’s often delivering training workshops and giving keynotes so you can take your careers to the next level. 

He’s already helped well over 1 million people take their first steps with Docker and Kubernetes. His goal is to help you and 10 million people.

When he’s not playing with technology, he likes cars, sci-fi, and spending time with his family. 

Some of Nigel's Awards

Why You're Choosing Nigel for Training

Energy. Passion. Fun

Nigel’s passion and excitement for technology is infectious and reflected in his unique style of teaching.

His energetic personality, and “at times humorous” approach, will keep you engaged and guarantee  you’ll never get bored. You’ll also be fully prepared and ready to put your learning into action.


Companies and engineering departments love Nigel’s virtual and in-person training.

So… if you need to train your teams or bring them up-to-speed with containers, Kubernetes or WebAssembly, reach out and see what Nigel can do for you.

Suitable for as small as 5 people or over 500!

Knowledge & Experience

Nigel has put in the hard yards working across many industries. Since 2014 he’s taught all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. His vast experience is evident through all his content, whether it’s his books,  video courses, training, or keynotes.

Content Clearly Explained

Nigel prides himself on demystifying complex topics with crystal-clear explanations. He’ll often use objects such as nerf guns, and even cheese slices, to explain and bring to life difficult subjects.

Hands-On Learning

Most people learn best by doing.

That’s why all of Nigel’s content is packed with hands-on examples that bring technology to life and provide you with those vital “Aha!” moments where you realise you finally understand a topic.

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