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Nigel Poulton

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Nigel in a nutshell

Nigel’s a tech-oholic with a passion for demystifying exciting technologies. He’s written several best-selling books and video training courses, and has helped well over 1 million people take their first steps with Docker and Kubernetes. When he’s not playing with technology, he likes cars, scifi, and spending time with his family. 

“My aim is to add value to the tech community currently teaching in containers, especially Kubernetes and Docker.

My goal is to help over 10M people worldwide take steps to learn Kubernetes & Docker, giving confidence onto production” – Nigel

The early years

If the legend is true, Nigel was programing before he was crawling! Later in life when most young boys were watching the late-night sports highlights, Nigel was geeking away with computers, so once he became an adult (term used loosely), it was no surprise that he landed a career in technology, putting in the hard yards in the corporate world – of which he still has the scars to prove it.


Nigel’s approach challenges the status quo, giving you an authentic and honest learning experience. His life in technology and his natural love for tech is obvious to all he trains. He’s taken everything that he has learned, with all of his experience and passion, and has already directed that into helping well over 1M people not only learn and understand Kubernetes and Docker, but also give you the confidence to apply in your day to day lives. This is reflected in his high energy style of training, mixed with humor and his clear approach to explaining complex topics, which is welcomed by the global tech community. Nigel is recognized as a creme de la creme Kubernetes trainer. 

The story so far and Nigel's mission...

Nigel makes learning tech a great experience so more and more people understand, gain confidence, love and benefit from using it in their lives and careers. He’s already helped well over 1M people and many companies take their next steps with Docker and Kubernetes. His goal is to empower over 10M people to either pass exams, get that promotion or simply be proficient. 

Choose Your Learning

Reasons individuals and companies choose Nigel

Energy | Passion | Fun

Nigel’s love of and excitement for technology is reflected in his unique style of teaching. His fun, energetic personality and “at times humorous” approach will keep you engaged for hours and you’ll never get bored. Nigel leaves you ready and wanting to take your next steps and apply in your work.


If you’re a company that needs specific training on a particular topic or area, Nigel will chat with you in advance to tailor and fine tune the training directly for your team, so that your business reaps the results and you get the outcomes you desire. 

Knowledge & Experience

Nigel has put in the hard yards working for large enterprises and over the last 8 years he has taught all around the world including many countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. His vast experience shines all through his content and training, whether it’s in his events, his books or video courses.

Content clearly explained

Nigel prides himself on clearly explaining complex topics, with examples, to help all corners throughout the tech world understand the subject matter. He’ll often use objects such as nerf guns and even cheese slices, to explain and bring to life difficult subjects.

Hands on learning

Yes you’ll get the theory, but Nigel likes to give you the opportunity to get your hands dirty and learn by doing. Whether it’s in live labs or other means, you can either join in or just follow along. Nigel loves to give you experience as part of your Kubernetes tutorial. 

"Nigel... I just want to say I'm a huge fan of your work. I owe probably half of my career to your excellent books and courses on Docker and Kubernetes, and I've been recommending them to friends and colleagues longer than I can remember 🙂 I'm really looking forward to your CKAD (and CKA) stuff."
Hrvoje Antunovic
Lead DevOps Engineer

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“You are a legend. I get goosebumps listening to your lessons and man I tell you, I enjoy learning from you! A+” Thomas Gooding

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