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Nigel has training for both individuals and companies.

For individuals, you can get his video training courses, buy one or all of his books, or register to attend his virtual or in-person workshops. Also, he often holds workshops as part of live events such as DockerCon or KubeCon, so look out for him on the schedule.

On top of this he helps you stay up-to-date with all things containers on his YouTube channel, his blog and his brief update that you can have sent to you inbox each week.

Navigate the “For individuals” option in the header at the top of this page to take a closer look at what he can do for you now.

Yes. At Detroit he’ll be hosting two workshops on Tuesday 25th October. The first will help you if you’re new to Kubernetes and his second workshop is perfect if you’re planning on getting the CKAD qualification. 

Scroll down for more information on these two workshops. 

Yes. Nigel is often invited to do book signings. It’s a humbling experience for him and he understands that book signings are common at conferences for the purpose of attracting people to your booth and it’s also a popular way to generate interest and increase registrations and attendance for your event.

If you reach out and contact us, we will be able to work out a reduced price for a bulk book order too.

Absolutely it is. If you want a break from the class room, or you want to mix up your learning environment a little, then learn Kubernetes in a fun way with Nigel’s Pub Quiz. You’ll get time to learn directly from Nigel whilst he add his Kahoots style quiz to the event.

The Pub Quiz can be done virtually or in-person and when life normalizes he already has a bunch of companies wanting him to visit and host the quiz as part of their events.

Both individuals and companies just love Nigel’s pure, honest, raw and no BS approach to explaining tech subjects. He has a gift for explaining complex topics in a clear way that simplifies the learning curve. 

He’s straight to the point and he prides himself on helping you. In a lot of the feedback we receive we’re told that Nigel’s British accent and tone of his voice, mixed with a sense of humor is perfect for learning. 

Click on either the blue “contact” option in the header at the top right of the page or scroll to the bottom footer and add in your name, email and message. Hit the send button and we’ll respond and if needed we can set up a call discuss more detail and firm up any training.

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