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Nigel updates his Kubernetes and Docker books annually to make sure they are the most up-to-date books out there and in line with the latest versions of tech. Available in Paperback, Hardcover, E-book and Kindle.

“I recommend for those who want direct action, buy his books.” – Arrey

Paperback from

The Kubernetes Book

Brand new
April 2021 Edition

This is the ultimate book written on Kubernetes with all the theory and opportunities for hands-on learning. Said to be the best Kubernetes book available.

You’ll learn: All the Kubernetes architecture, how to build Kubernetes, deploy, self-heal, scale, perform rolling updates on apps and how to secure Kubernetes and much, much more.

Quick Start Kubernetes

2021 Edition
Brand new

Quick Start Kubernetes is Nigel’s latest book that assumes you know nothing and teaches you everything you need to know to get up-and-running with Kubernetes fast!

This book is perfect for anyone getting started or who would like a refresher on the basics of Kubernetes.

Docker Deep Dive

May 2020 Edition

Docker Deep Dive is a masterpiece, the “gold-standard” and the perfect book for learning Docker. Simplified and brought to life, so if you want to learn the basics or take further steps, this is the book for you.

Recently rated by BookAuthority (as seen on CNN and Forbes) in 2020 as “the number 1 all-time best book on Docker”. 

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“I just loved reading your books, your sense of humor and clear teaching kept me engaged from beginning to end.”

Clay Russell


“Thanks to @nigelpoulton for Docker Deep Dive & The Kubernetes Book books. Concise, easy to follow and great reads, go get started.” 

Sree Wupendram


“Many technical books translate poorly to audio, however, your audiobook adaption of The Kubernetes Book is excellent.”


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Nigel's books in additional languages

For India and the sub-continent

Paperback editions of Docker Deep Dive, The Kubernetes Book and Quick Start Kubernetes are available to India and the sub-continent. Partnering with Shroff Publishing we can now take Nigel’s Kubernetes and Docker books  to further parts of the globe.

For China

Nigel’s award winning book, ‘Docker Deep Dive‘, and his best selling book, ‘The Kubernetes Book‘ are both available in simplified Chinese

Later in the year ‘Quick Start Kubernetes‘ will also be available in simplified Chinese, so watch this space for details on it’s release. 

For Russia

Quick Start Kubernetes is ready to purchase on e-book in the Russian language. We’re currently chatting with Russian book publishers to make Quick Start Kubernetes available in paperback.

The Kubernetes Book is due to be released on e-book by the end of of the year, so watch this space for details.

захватывающие времена

Borg Cover

Only the front cover and intro page have Borg text. The rest of the book is exactly the same as The Kubernetes Book April 2021 English language edition. However, this collectors edition is in hardcover.

Brought to you by former Borg Drone, Nigel of Borg (6 of 9 Tertiary adjunct Unimatrix 01). Thanks to his remaining Borg nanites, Nigel of Borg is now a fully integrated human being and best-selling author.

Klingon Cover

Okay, so this edition is in English, however, as Nigel is a trekkie, he just couldn’t stop himself from giving this edition a front cover in Klingon!

So if you want the English edition of The Kubernetes Book with the deep red Klingon cover, then look no further. 

Coming soon

Spanish edition

Currently The Kubernetes Book is being translated into Spanish and we hope for it to be available around late autumn time 2021. Stay close for updates and spread the word. 

Muchas gracias.

Russian edition

Also at this moment in time, The Kubernetes Book, is being translated into Russian and we hope for it to be available during the autumn period of 2021.

Stay close for updates and spread the word. 

захватывающие времена

Additional languages

Nigel’s books are in the process of being translated into many languages and we expect Quick Start Kubernetes in early 2022 to be in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Hindi and more. However, we’re looking for translators for German and Japanese. Can you help?

Bulk orders

If you’re looking to purchase bulk orders of Nigel’s books, reach out and ask for options

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