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Kubernetes Deep Dive

I get several messages per week asking for a Kubernetes Deep Dive course. Well… I’ve already got one.

What is it

It’s an intermediate-level Kubernetes course that covers everything from Pods and Deployments, all the way through to storagenetworkingauto-scaling, and RBAC. I honestly think it’s the best one-stop-shop for getting up-to-speed with Kubernetes.

Where is it


The reason that so many people don’t know about it, is that it’s on A Cloud Guru instead of Pluralsight. Apologies to those of you already invested in a Pluralsight subscription — at the time I was creating the course, Pluralsight had alternative plans for their Kubernetes path. Long-story-short, this course is on A Cloud Guru and you can purchase it for a one-off-fee if you can’t invest in a monthly subscription.

That’s it. If you want to take your Kubernetes journey to the next level, this is one of the best options out there. Enjoy!

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