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Docker Certified Associate Study Materials

Earlier this week I published the world’s first comprehensive study guide for the Docker Certified Associate exam!

Last year Docker, Inc. released its first professional certification called the Docker Certified Associate (DCA). It’s aimed at people wanting to prove their proficiency with Docker.

However, there wasn’t a comprehensive guide to help you study for it. So I decided to fix that.

I’ve added ~200 pages to my best-selling Docker Deep Dive book, so that it now covers all exam objectives. And it does it in an easy-to-read manner that’s not like a boring exam-cram book.

The book has had great reviews in the past, and I’ve worked hard to make sure it’s still enjoyable to read.

Here’s a free sample chapter so you get a taste of what you’ll get.

You can buy the book from several places at some great prices:

  • Leanpub: You can buy the e-book for $10 from Leanpub. You get all updates for free.
  • Leanpub bundle: You can buy this book, plus my Kubernetes book, as part of my Mastering Containers bundle for $16. Bargain! You get all updates for free.
  • Amazon Kindle: The Kindle book is available in most Amazon markets for ~$10. You get all updates for free.
  • Amazon paperback: A high-quality full-color paperback version is available from Amazon. Unfortunately a 420 page full-color book, printed on high quality paper, isn’t cheap – I’m gutted about this, but there is nothing I can do about the price. If it’s too expensive, you can always buy from Leanpub or Kindle. [UPDATE March 19th 2018: The paperback is currently out-of-print for a few days while Amazon fix a printing issue – text printing too small with huge margins. I’m hoping it will be back in print in a few days!!!!]

Other resources

Books aren’t everything, so I’ve created some other resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Video training: I’ve got a newly released Docker Deep Dive video training course that covers most exam objectives, and is a great way to learn new stuff and brush up on things you might have forgotten. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZZ-KnBmaJP0

The video course has some great reviews and comments!

Group: I’ve created a LinkedIn Group called Docker Certified Associate (DCA) for you to share your exam experience and tips. I’d love you to join the group and contribute to the conversation.

Website: I’ve purchased www.dockercerts.com and will develop this into a place for exam-related resources. The site is currently being developed and will be ready in the future.


At last there’s a dedicated comprehensive book covering the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam!

Enjoy the book, good luck with the exam, and I hope to see you leaving comments and advice on my Twitter account and the LinkedIn Group!

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