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Learn Kubernetes online with Nigel’s 2 shows

Nigel's YouTube Channel

To help you learn and gain confidence with Kubernetes, Nigel shoots two YouTube shows, Kubernetes This Month and #KubernetesMoment.

The latter maybe a little geeky (his words) and cheesy (his brothers words), but Nigel is all about the tech. You’ll love his tips, advice, interviews and the tricky subjects explained clearly in Nigel’s fun and creative style.

Find out more in this short video or go direct to Nigel’s YouTube channel.

Kubernetes This Month

What's it all about...

Watch this short video for a quick preview of how Nigel teams up with A Cloud Guru to bring you Kubernetes This Month, the show that gives you all of the latest news from the world of Kubernetes.

After giving you the top news, Nigel then takes a deep dive into topical cloud-native subjects bringing you up to speed. 

Latest episode

In Kubernetes news, Kubernetes releases take center stage as Nigel Poulton takes a closer look at Kubernetes 1.22 – Reaching New Peaks.

Nigel dives into new features, such as etcd 3.5 adoption, as well as a reminder to check the 10 deprecated features before making the switch.

We also take a look at the Kubernetes service mesh space with Linkerd graduating CNCF, and the release of Istio 1.11.

Finally, Google announced GKE LoadBalancer uptime checks, and the Linux Foundation launched the eBPF Foundation.

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#Kubernetes Moment

What's it all about...

Every #KubernetesMoment episode is a short-sharp look into the world of Kubernetes. You’ll get tips, announcements, interviews, tricky topics explained clearly and a load more. 

Take a look in this short video or go direct to Nigel’s YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any episode releases. 

Latest Episode

Episode 0027 – Container internals in less than 60 seconds

In this, the most recent episode, Nigel gives you a quick look at a layered writable file system and a single application concern that goes on inside a container internal…

…in a simple object lesson.

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