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Virtual Training for Companies

Virtual training is now both a common and popular way to learn and up-skill your department(s) and Nigel has a load of live-stream webinar training and educational events to help you and your company. 

Nigel’s virtual training is interactive, with demos, Q&As, Live-labs and more. So whatever your event is, and no matter which training you require, reach out and chat with Nigel.

Watch this 2 minute video to see how Nigel helps you learn virtually.

What you get with Nigel's Virtual Training

Customized training for your organization

Nigel has a ton of Kubernetes and Cloud-native technology topics to train you on, no matter what level your company is at. However, before any training event, Nigel will have a zoom call to firm up the topic(s) to find out what you want to achieve, your personal training outcomes, for your team and business. Help with the KCNA and CKAD exams is also available.  

Are you just getting started? – We’ve got you covered.

Are you taking further steps? – We’ve got your back.

No ordinary trainer

When you hire Nigel, you get his passion, humor and unique style of training that comes from his years of experience and dedication to the tech community. Nigel get’s inside your head and inspires you to take your next steps. You will also get a hands-on learning experience in a lab environment so you can get your hands dirty. 

How about something a little different

Nigel's Kubernetes Quiz

Nigel’s Kubernetes Quiz is super popular with companies looking to learn Kubernetes whilst having some fun. Whether you ask Nigel to come to your event or have him host the quiz on-line, Nigel’s Quiz is a fantastic and unique opportunity to get your team together, have a little fun competition and learn something new!

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