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Bigger and Better – The Kubernetes Book: 2021 Edition.

The Kubernetes Book 2021 edition, bigger and better. Hardback, paperback, large-print, and eBook.

I’m super excited to announce the 2021 edition of The Kubernetes Book. It’s bigger and better.

As well as being updated for the latest editions of Kubernetes and the latest cloud-native trends, it also includes all the following brand new content:

  • Brand new chapter on Namespaces
  • Brand new chapter on Ingress (requested by lots of readers)
  • Brand new chapter on RBAC
  • Brand new chapter on the Kubernete API (requested by lots of readers)
  • Secrets added to the ConfigMaps chapter

I’ve also re-drawn every diagram in Adobe XD and done major re-writes of the Pods, Deployments, and Storage chapters.

Oh, and I’ve added an index!

Hardback and large-print editions

As well as 4+ new chapters, I’ve also released a hardback edition, and a large-print paperback edition.

So, as things stand, the following editions are available:

Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t make it easy to find large-print editions. You have to go to the book’s Amazon page, click the “Other sellers” tab, then expand the Paperback box and finally click the large-print edition.

It took me over 40 hours to tweak the large-print edition and I’m gutted it’s so hard to find. Never mind though… if it’s useful for just one person, I’ll be happy!

Oh and it’s exactly the same price as the regular paperback.

Translations and the likes…

This latest edition has been offered to all our partners. So it won’t be long until we see this latest edition available as a paperback in India, as well as ebook editions on other platforms.

The simplified Chinese translation is apparently complete. However, this is a translation of a previous edition, as COVID has caused huge delays to translation timetables.

We also have some great people working on Spanish and Russia translations.

Finally, the Klingon collectors edition will updated soon, and a new Star Trek Borg collectors edition will be released soon (seriously).

Have fun reading!

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2 Responses

  1. i appreciate the directions for getting the large-print copy. i’d’ve not ever found it

    1. Hi John. It’s painfully difficult to find, and recently it’s gotten even harder. Amazon really don’t make it easy 🙁

      I really hope you like it!


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