30th March 2020 at The Crown Plaza Hotel - NOW POSTPONED!

Bringing you the most popular workshop from DockerCon 2019 and heavily oversubscribed at KubeCon 2019...

If you’re new to Kubernetes and coming to KubeCon to learn Kubernetes, brush up with the basics and master the fundamentals, this workshop is for you!


The workshop starts out with the basics so that everyone is on the same level. It demystifies things like, "what the heck is a cloud-native microservices app", and what do we mean when we say things like “Kubernetes is a cluster” and “Kubernetes is an application orchestrator…”.

Once the groundwork is laid, the workshop explains the architecture of Kubernetes, and introduces important Kubernetes primitives such as Pods, Services, and Deployments. Throughout the workshop, every new concept will be clearly explained, with accompanying diagrams, animations and examples.

There’s also lots of hands-on examples. You’ll deploy a simple app, break it, scale it up and down, connect to it from the internet, perform a zero-downtime rolling update, and perform a versioned rollback.

When the workshop is over, you’ll be ready to dive into the conference, and be raring to take your next steps.

Registration Details

The workshop lasts 2.5 hours, and Nigel's offering 3 sessions (8:30am, 11:30am and 2:30pm). So when you click the link to register, be sure to pick the best time for you to attend.

When you register it will take you to the official KubeCon website.