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Getting Started with Kubernetes

It’s not that long ago that Docker was the new kid on the block. And at that time not many of us really knew what it was or what it did. But I think a lot of us are past that now – we know what it is and hopefully we’re using it!

Well… today the buzzword is Kubernetes. Everyone’s saying it, but not many of us really grok it.

So here’s a Kubernetes one-liner: Kubernetes is all about managing and orchestrating containerized apps at scale!

So… if you already know Docker and containers and are looking to take your skills to the next level, Kubernetes is a great place to look! And I’ve got a video training course to help!

But before I go any further you need to know that Kubernetes builds on what you already know about Docker and containers. In fact, by under the hood Kubernetes uses Docker as it’s default container runtime!

Anyway…. a few weeks ago I released a brand new video training course called Getting Started with Kubernetes. And I think you’ll love it – it’s currently got 49 reviews and all of them are 5-star ratings! Here’s a quick preview.https://www.youtube.com/embed/AN3qiaXS87k?start=4

It’s a 3-hour course that start’s with the basics and will have you self-sufficient by the end. As always though… you need a Pluralsight subscription to be able to watch it (this is my living and how a pay to feed my family). But a Pluralsight subscription gets you access to every course in the library, including all of my Docker courses. And if you want to try before you buy there’s always a free trial option.


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