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The go-to trainer for Companies wanting... learn Kubernetes and Docker

Need an engaging keynote speaker, or a trainer your team will love? Do you want to inspire your team to take their next steps onto application? Then Nigel is the perfect choice.

Whether you prefer virtual (live-stream webinars) or in-house Face to Face events, Nigel trains companies all over the world.

Whatever your event is, a Kick-off, a convention, a conference, meet-ups, or any Kubernetes or Docker related tech event, everyone in attendance will love you for getting Nigel involved.

No matter your companies current level, Nigel has mind-blowing training for you and your company.

The best Kubernetes or Docker training

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Virtual Training - The new normal

Due to the effects of Covid-19, companies are finding new ways to train their teams. Virtual training is now the number one way to learn and up-skill your department(s) and Nigel has many live-stream webinar Kubernetes and Docker online live training and educational events to help you get a jump start. 

Whatever your event, Nigel has you covered.

Check out this 2 minute video to see more on how Nigel helps your company learn Docker or Kubernetes virtually. 

Why companies are hiring Nigel

First of all, Nigel’s not your ordinary trainer, his authentic approach is loved by all.  You get his passion, humor and unique style of training that comes from his years of experience and dedication to the tech community. You’ll be pumped and ready to jump in. 

You’ll learn both the theory and get a hands-on learning experience with live labs, so you and your team can follow along gaining experience.


Hands-on Kubernetes and Docker training

So what ever event or training need you and your company have, Nigel is perfect to get you primed and set to take action.

With Nigel you get one of the worlds leading Kubernetes & Docker trainers, who’s helped well over one million tech users globally. Nigel’s engaging style of teaching keeps you focused and you’ll leave with the ability to apply in your day to day work. 

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Popular Kubernetes learning topics

Nigel will design training around your objectives and desired outcomes, however, the below shows a couple of the popular topics and learning points. Once you’ve reached out and made contact, we can set up a call to personalize the training for your company. Reach out now.

Getting Started with Kubernetes


Perfect if your team either needs a Kubernetes tutorial for beginners. You’ll learn, or brush up with the basics of Kubernetes. 

Your learning begins by bringing you up-to-speed with Kubernetes architecture, objects and patterns. You will then learn cluster architecture such as masters and nodes, design fundamentals such as Pods, Deployments and Services, as well as patterns such as declarative configuration. 

Additional learning will include deploying applications to Kubernetes, connecting to your app, self-healing, health checks, scaling and rolling updates. You and your team will leave inspired and ready to take your next steps using what you’ve learned in your day to day work. 

Container fundamentals


You’ll master the essentials of containers. A perfect Docker and Kubernetes training workshop.

We start with the basics so everyone is on the same level, things like “what the heck is a cloud-native microservices app?” and “what do we mean when we say Kubernetes is an application orchestrator…?”

Once the groundwork is laid, we introduce important Kubernetes primitives, such as Pods, Deployments and Services. Every concept is clearly explained with animations and examples. 

There’s lots of hands-on examples. You’ll deploy a stateless app, break it, scale it up and down, connect it from the internet, perform a zero-downtime rolling update and perform a versioned rollback.

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