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Nigel’s “badass”… sorry we mean “renegade”… approach to teaching tech gets inside your head, inspiring you to have the confidence to take your next steps.

So if you need an engaging keynote, or if you have a Kick-off, a convention, an annual conference, a meet up or any other training need (either in-house or virtual), get Nigel on board.

Nigel trains individuals and companies all over the world. He also joins Podcasts, radio and media events… Oh and don’t forget his Pub Quiz!

Why companies hire Nigel

Let’s start with what Nigel is NOT. He’s not your plain run-of-the-mill, death by power point trainer. You won’t get 101 bullet points to read on slides. You won’t get a bland or stereotypical training session where you loose hours of your life!

Companies hire Nigel to fire up their team. You will gain the self-assurance to apply what you learn in your work. You’ll get straight to the point and clear explanations, with examples in Nigel’s passionate, raw and fun style, where you’ll learn both the theory and get a hands-on learning experience. 

No matter the level your company is at (beginning or taking further steps), Nigel has training for you. You’ll get one of the worlds leading Kubernetes & Docker trainers, who’s helped well over one million tech users globally.

For individuals: up-coming Kubernetes events

ACM Tech Talks

Free Virtual online event

Nigel joins ACM Tech Talks to get you excited about Kubernetes. This is perfect for anyone taking their first steps with Kubernetes or anyone who wants to get a look at what K8s is all about.

Get involved in this free on-line event, and don’t be shy when it comes to the Q&A. 

Kubernetes Pub Quiz

New, unique and already super-popular

If you’ve had too many training sessions and you and your team have become a little bored with presentations and you’re looking for something different, then take a break from the class room with Nigel’s Kubernetes Pub Quiz. 

It’s fun-loving learning in a relaxed setting. This just maybe  the answer you’re looking for.

Catch up with some past Events

Revisit some of the popular  Kubernetes virtual events



Ask Nigel how to get going with Kubernetes

Nigel Poulton teamed up with Pepperdata to help you learn what Kubernetes is, why it’s central to the future of cloud-native infrastructure and applications, and what it means to your career.

Oh and don’t miss the Q&A at the end.



SUSE Rancher

Nigel joined with SUSE Rancher for two events, one for the Americas and the other for the EMEA region.

In both Ask Nigel Anything About Kubernetes events you had the opportunity to delve further into one of the best container brains out there. 



Ask Nigel how to get going with Kubernetes

Nigel joined the event on 16th September in a section called “Ask Nigel Anything”. Nigel took a few questions such as – How do you learn Kubernetes, and then keep on up-skilling? And, will serverless replace K8s? Plus more, catch up here.

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