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Nigel’s “badass”… sorry we mean “renegade”… approach to teaching tech gets inside your head, inspiring you to have the confidence to take your next steps.

So if you need an engaging keynote, or if you have a Kick-off, a convention, an annual conference, a meet up or any other training need (either in-house or virtual), get Nigel on board.

Nigel trains individuals and companies all over the world. He also joins Podcasts, radio and media events… Oh and don’t forget his Pub Quiz!

Why companies higher Nigel

Let’s start with what Nigel is NOT. He’s not your plain run-of-the-mill, death by power point trainer. You won’t get 101 bullet points to read on slides. You won’t get a bland or stereotypical training session where you loose hours of your life!

Companies hire Nigel to fire up their team. You will gain the self-assurance to apply what you learn in your work. You’ll get straight to the point and clear explanations, with examples in Nigel’s passionate, raw and fun style, where you’ll learn both the theory and get a hands-on learning experience. 

No matter the level your company is at (beginning or taking further steps), Nigel has training for you. You’ll get one of the worlds leading Kubernetes & Docker trainers, who’s helped well over one million tech users globally.

For individuals: up-coming Kubernetes events

Kubernetes Community Days UK

Free Virtual online event

Nigel joined the event on 16th September in a section called “Ask Nigel Anything”. Nigel took a few questions such as – How do you learn Kubernetes, and then keep on up-skilling? And, will serverless replace K8s? Plus more, catch up here.

Getting Started with Kubernetes

Free Virtual online event – new date of 19th October 2021

Nigel joins Pepperdata

Learn what Kubernetes is, why it’s central to the future of cloud-native infrastructure and applications, and what it means to your career. The live session will include live Q&A where all questions are good questions.

Kubernetes Pub Quiz

New, unique and already super-popular

If you’ve had too many training sessions and you and your team have become a little bored with presentations and you’re looking for something different, then take a break from the class room with Nigel’s Kubernetes Pub Quiz. 

It’s fun-loving learning in a relaxed setting. This just maybe  the answer you’re looking for.

Catch up with some past Kubernetes & Docker Events

Revisit some of the popular recent Kubernetes podcasts and virtual events



K8s & Data - is now the time?

The groundwork is laid, and the demand is building… But are containers & K8s ready to host and manage persistent data? Are they even the right place to do this? Nigel covers this in his CNDM EU KubeCon keynote. Where we are today? Who are the key players? And what needs to be done to make containers and K8s a solid choice for stateful workloads today?



The Kubernetes Book

Not all tech books are boring and here Nigel chats with Cloud Therapists on how his passion and love of technology is reflected in his Kubernetes book,making it a great read and useful resource for anyone learning Kubernetes.



Will this Kubernetes innovation solve your challenges?

Kubernetes adoption in the enterprise is very 2021. Will our Kubernetes innovation solve your challenges? Nigel chats to NetApps Kirk Ryan to  tell you how enterprises can (and should) take Kubernetes to the next level. ☁️



The state of Kubernetes

The process of getting and installing Kubernetes is a lot easier thanks to hosted Kubernetes platforms developed by cloud service providers. The next trend is to focus more on the applications being deployed in the cloud rather than the infrastructure. Nigel chats the present and the future for Kubernetes.



Cloud-native Deep Dive

Speaking of k8s!!! why it is so awesome! Why it’s so complex! Why it’s so scary for beginners! Where to go and learn! What’s this new cloud native wave is? What this is? & Why this is? A Broken relationship of docker & k8s? Docker-Swarm and Mirantis Story? What is orchestration, What it means and more…



Why Kubernetes is gaining so much momentum

Nigel joins SE Radio to discuss Kubernetes fundamentals, why Kubernetes is gaining so much momentum, deploying an example app, and why Kubernetes is considered “the” Cloud OS.

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