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Listen here to the webinar from Nigel & Docker. 

With so many clouds, why is Kubernetes the right choice

 for you and your business?  

SUGGESTED AUDIENCE:  IT decision makers, IT architects, IT Ops, developers. Basically anyone making strategic tech decisions at their company or in their personal career. 

Latest News

Just released. Video Training


Nigel's latest video training course, Kubernetes 101, was released in Nov 2019. 

If you're new to Kubernetes, or if you want to brush up with the basics, this course is designed to help you master the fundamentals. 

#1 Best ever book on Docker


As featured on CNN, Forbes and Inc – BookAuthority rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment. 

Nigel's masterpiece Docker Deep Dive was the winner and rated by BookAuthority as #1 best book ever written on Docker

Bang up-to-date - Latest edition


The Kubernetes Book is updated at least twice per year to stay bang up-to-date.

 All hands-on work is tested and updated and the theory is ensured to be current for Now!

The latest edition of The Kubernetes Book is November 2019. Get your copy here.

Interactive content that unlocks your org.

Magic Sandbox

The ultimate learn-by-doing platform!

You've taken the video course and you've read the book. Now you're ready to get your hands dirty.

Magic Sandbox (MSB) gives you your very own private Kubernetes cluster and an amazing live dashboard that shows you everything in your cluster and how it all connects.

There's simply no better way to take your Kubernetes journey to the next level.

More News AND EVENTS...

Kubernetes this Month


A Cloud Guru and Nigel Poulton have recently partnered up to bring you a monthly YouTube show, Kubernetes this Month, designed to help you catch up with all things Kubernetes whilst taking a deeper dive. Watch here.

Courses pass 750,000 views


Nigel's video courses such as Getting started with Kubernetes have surpassed 750,000 views at Pluralsight. Is it time to join the hundreds of thousands of viewers and either watch for the first time or revisit and stay up to speed with Kubernetes?

Just released - Nigel's new course


 After popular demand from an abundance of Kubernetes fans and friends in India, 

we've partnered with Shroff Publishing to make paperback versions of Nigel's books, 

Docker Deep Dive and

The Kubernetes Book available to India and throughout the subcontinent!



In September 2019 KubeTrainer was re-branded to This included updates to social media and the launch of the website. Reluctantly Nigel accepted to be the face of the business, which is out of his comfort zone. With his face, who could blame him!!!

Partnering with Packt


 We're pleased to announce that we have partnered with Packt Enterprise, a global on demand print publishing company. 

The Kubernetes Book, authored by Nigel, can now also be ordered through Packt> in e-book. Packt> joins a long list of publishers working with @nigelpoulton.  

New weekly show on YouTube


Recently #KubernetesMoment was launched on YouTube. Visit the popular show to get Nigel's updates, tips, announcements or anything in the news of Kubernetes. These episodes are brief and mixed with Nigel's humor and passion.