The Kubernetes Book

The Kubernetes Book assumes you know nothing, and teaches you everything needed to get up-and-running with Kubernetes, fast!

It's written in Nigel's signature style that makes reading a technical book fun and enjoyable! Kept up to date with the latest edition, Nov 2019, out now.

Available in; paperback, Kindle, e-book, audio, simplified Chinese, and more... See further down for different formats and languages.


docker deep dive

This is a masterpiece and the ultimate book for learning Docker, brought to you by Docker Captain and leading educator in the container ecosystem, Nigel Poulton. Docker Deep Dive is expertly written, and rated by BookAuthority (featured on CNN and Forbes) as "the number 1 all-time best book on Docker". 

Available in; paperback, Kindle, e-book, simplified Chinese, and more...  See further down for different formats.

Jurgan Allewijn

 "Really loved your book Docker Deep Dive and video training on Pluralsight, it helped me pass the exam earlier this week." 


"I just wanted to say that I love your book. Not only meaning the technical deepness and didactical awesomeness, no, I truly like the way you’re writing! (And that’s some big compliment, minding that I am not very versed with the english language)... So I want to thank you for this great piece of work, I really appreciate it!"  

Tylor Stewart

 "Just finished The Kubernetes Book by @nigelpoulton. Bloody awesome content.  #K8s is more involved and interesting than I thought. Onto production!" 


You've got to love Nigel Poulton knowledge, being straight to the point with no BS... he is the real deal in the cloud world!


 "Aha! That was what I needed. You sir, are a gifted teacher, thank you so much!" 


" Nigel Style is good. It keeps you calm and relaxed while studying. No need to change it. I will recommend for those who want direct action, buy his book."



Special paperback editions of Docker Deep Dive and The Kubernetes Book are now available to India and the subcontinent. Partnering with Shroff Publishing Nigel's books are now available in paperback.



We're proud to have partnered with PTP Publishing, in China, to bring a simplified Chinese paperback edition of the best-selling and highly-acclaimed Docker Deep Dive.