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Our story and mission - making kubernetes less scary!

Past, Present & Future

If the legend is true, Nigel was all about the tech before he was crawling. This passion has grown throughout adolescence and into adulthood (term used very loosely)! When most young boys were watching the late-night sports highlights, Nigel was geeking away with computers. During college, when his friends were at the pub, Nigel was usually at home writing programs in FoxPro. It's no surprise that he landed a career in technology, putting in the hard yards in the world of corporate and large enterprises - he still has the scars to prove it! 

Not long into his working life, it was obvious Nigel was going places, so he set up his first company working for himself. But the word work is incorrect with Nigel, he does technology for fun! This is reflected in the high-quality and highly-entertaining training materials he creates!

Nigel's background includes: software development, operating systems, networking, storage, and more... A few years ago he spotted an early trend and moved into the world of Docker and containers, becoming a Docker Captain. He has many video training courses at Pluralsight teaching both the basics and how to become a pro with Docker. In addition to this, Nigel, is a popular author and has many accolades, including being rated by BookAuthority as having the best ever book written on Docker - Docker Deep Dive

In recent years Nigel has become an expert trainer on Kubernetes. Again, he has many video training courses at Pluralsight, Udemy and A Cloud Guru. These are described by many as the best Kubernetes video courses out there. His latest book, The Kubernetes Book, is welcomed and accepted by the Kubernetes world as a masterpiece on learning K8s. As this book is constantly updated (like 3 or 4 times a year), it could be seen as the best book to learn Kubernetes. You'll also see Nigel delivering talks and workshops all around the world and at places like DockerCon, TechCon and KubeCon. He launched his latest company KubeTrainer, to help people climb the hill to Kubernetes mastery.

You'll find Nigel all over YouTube, especially in his weekly #KubernetesMoment show and his monthly Kubernetes this Month show. 

Whether you attend one of Nigel's workshops, join a webinar, watch his YouTube shows, read one of his books, or watch one of his popular online video training courses, you'll quickly realise that he's not your average trainer. He has a habit of getting into your head and getting you excited about learning and progressing your career. This is why Nigel is widely considered the best at what he does - teaching Kubernetes to the world. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to democratise Kubernetes learning and make it accessible and easy for everyone! 

So far Nigel has trained over 1 million people worldwide. 

Our goal is help over 10 Million people develop their skills and thrive in all things Kubernetes.

Bring it on! 

Kubernetes 101
Kubernetes this Month and Kubernetes Deep Dive
Kubernetes video courses
The Kubernetes Book

We all must give back!

The two things that Nigel is most passionate about are; his family, and technology. This is reflected in causes and projects that we support...


OpenFaaS open-source project

OpenFaaS open-source project

OpenFaaS open-source project

Open-source is changing the world. But running an open-source project is hard work!

This is why we're supporting Alex Ellis in his work with OpenFaaS and other projects.

Alex is a top developer and involved with a lot of projects in the cloud and containers ecosystem. OpenFaaS is a project with close links to Docker and Kubernetes, so we're happy to be able to help.


Malala Fund

OpenFaaS open-source project

OpenFaaS open-source project

It's no secret that Nigel is passionate about education. As a father of three daughters, he appreciates the privilege of living in a part of the world that values education of girls.

We're proud to support the Malala Fund in its mission to create a world where girls can learn and lead. 


Girls football

OpenFaaS open-source project

Girls football

Nigel has three daughters and is passionate about girls football (soccer). His middle daughter plays for three local teams, and Nigel gives his time and talents coaching two local teams (FoC). As a business, we provide financial support to Macclesfield Ladies Football Club - this season we've provided kits for all age-groups (under-9 all the way through to over-18) 



Last year we ran three workshops at KubeCon and made a commitment to donate some of the profits to a worthy open-source project. 

We were proud to make a £3,500 donation to OpenFaas. It's a great container-related project and Alex is a top community contributor!