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...to learn Kubernetes and Docker

Do you need an engaging keynote speaker, or a trainer your company will love? Do you want to inspire your team to take their next steps onto application? Or is it help you need to draw people to your vendor booth at a conference? Then Nigel is the perfect choice.

Whether you prefer virtual (live-stream webinars) or on site training, Nigel trains companies all over the world.

Whatever your event is, a Kick-off, a conference, meet-ups, or any Kubernetes or Docker related tech event, everyone in attendance will be blown away with Nigel’s training.

No matter your level, Nigel has mind-blowing training for you.

The best Kubernetes & Docker training

Kubernetes & Docker Training |  In house or Virtual

Do you need help drawing people to your vendor booth?

At your next conference get Nigel to help you draw a crowd with...

“The pub quiz, book signing, and lightning talk were a huge hit! Nigel brings with him a huge online following and great stage presence — both of which drove a lot of foot traffic to our booth. We couldn’t be happier with the results of our activation with Nigel. Planning everything with him and Ash made our jobs so much easier. We look forward to working with them again!”
Tim Ryan
Marketing, Linode

Many of our happy partners


“Nigel has an amazing ability to convey his message to any level of an organization and to any experience level. Nigel can seamlessly intersperse technical jargon with the right amount of examples and real-world experiences. This is all done with just the right amount of light entertainment. Nigel’s technical prowess makes him a well sought after speaker, but his ability to teach is what separates him from his peers.”
Paul DuBois
Dell Technologies - P&O Academy Lead, Project/Program Management, Talent Development
“Nigel was really high-energy as a presenter which is great to experience on a virtual session. He is obviously very knowledgeable on the topic and did a great job of explaining the ecosystem. I loved the football analogy, Nigel was great at bringing the topic down so that a manager of technical people could understand the concept of Kubernetes.”
Alyssa Chevere
Epsilon - Learning & Development Coordinator
"Having known Nigel for a decade, I am amazed at how he continues to exceed the expectations of his audiences. His creative ability to teach, inspire and motivate developers and enterprise IT users is truly unique in our industry. His independence to support and challenge technologies builds not only trust, it builds authority and credibility. Like many in our industry, I rely on his guidance and feedback to help shape my views on technology adoption.”
Greg Knierieman
Net App - Director, Technology Evangelism and Influencer Relations
"Nigel was one of our jury members during Scaleway's Kubernetes Breakathon on March 2021, and his disruptive and playful approach helped all the competitors feel comfortable in no time. Nigel made a video of encouragement for this unusual hackathon. He and the other members of the jury participated in round tables on Kubernetes and its uses. And, at the end, he was the one to announce the winners of this breathtaking 9 hours competition. Besides being a Kubernetes expert, Nigel is also patient, adaptable and has the listening skills to help the participants succeed in the challenges that were set for them. Scaleway was very proud to have had Nigel at its side for its event. We hope that he will be able to attend the next editions of this event."
Melodie Morice
Scaleway - Programs Manager Academia and Open Source Programs
"Nigel’s talk on Kubernetes was very well received among the many participants and he drew a lot of engagement and interest during and after the call. The subject itself generated many technical questions which he answered with enthusiasm and clarity, managing to captivate our audience till the last second of the event! His in depth content knowledge combined with his vast industry expertise allowed our development professionals to see the value of Kubernetes as it relates to their careers with FIS."
Joris Teeuwen
FIS Global - Director HRBP
"Two thumbs up. Nigel presented a very well targeted and informative crash course to our audience. He covered a LOT of ground without overwhelming or leaving out any of the key points. The audience engagement was great and overall we were very pleased with the event."
Kirk Lewis
Pepperdata - Field Engineer

Popular Kubernetes learning topics

Nigel will design training around your objectives and desired outcomes, however, below highlights popular topics and desired learning for companies. Once you’ve reached out and made contact, we can set up a call to personalize the training for you. 

Getting Started with Kubernetes


Perfect if your team either needs a Kubernetes tutorial for beginners. You’ll learn, or brush up with the basics of Kubernetes. 

Your learning begins by bringing you up-to-speed with Kubernetes architecture, objects and patterns. You will then learn cluster architecture such as masters and nodes, design fundamentals such as Pods, Deployments and Services, as well as patterns such as declarative configuration. 

Additional learning will include deploying applications to Kubernetes, connecting to your app, self-healing, health checks, scaling and rolling updates. You and your team will leave inspired and ready to take your next steps using what you’ve learned in your day to day work. 

Container fundamentals


If you’re looking to master the essentials of containers such as Docker and Kubernetes, then this is the training workshop for you. 

We start with the basics so everyone is on the same level, things like “what the heck is a cloud-native microservices app?” and “what do we mean when we say Kubernetes is an application orchestrator…?”

Once the groundwork is laid, we introduce important Kubernetes primitives, such as Pods, Deployments and Services. Every concept is clearly explained with animations and examples. 

There’s lots of hands-on examples. You’ll deploy a stateless app, break it, scale it up and down, connect it from the internet, perform a zero-downtime rolling update and perform a versioned rollback.

Why companies are hiring Nigel

First of all, Nigel’s not your ordinary trainer, his authentic approach is loved by all.  You get his passion, humor and unique style of training that comes from his years of experience and dedication to the tech community. You’ll be pumped and ready to apply what you learn. 

You’ll learn both the theory and get a hands-on learning experience with live labs, so you and your team can follow along gaining experience.


Hands-on Kubernetes and Docker training

So what ever event or training need you and your company have, Nigel is perfect to get you primed and set to take action.

With Nigel you get one of the worlds leading Kubernetes & Docker trainers, who’s helped well over one million tech users globally. Nigel’s engaging style of teaching keeps you focused and you’ll leave with the ability to apply in your day to day work. 

Virtual Training

Due to the effects of Covid-19, companies have found new ways to train their teams. Virtual training is now a popular way to learn and up-skill your department(s) and Nigel has many live-stream online virtual training for you. Whatever your event, Nigel has you covered.

Check out this 2 minute video to see more on how Nigel helps your company learn Docker or Kubernetes virtually. 

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